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Pitlochry Market

Collection on Tuesday (16:00 to 19:00)

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Welcome to the Pitlochry and District NeighbourFood market

Every week you'll find great products direct from local farms, local food producers, local market traders and specialist suppliers.
Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, preserves, bread and much more- you can find it all in your local NeighbourFood market!

Come and meet various producers and suppliers each week and enjoy a new way to shop and eat well while supporting local producers.

Just click "Join this Market" above to start shopping! Over the coming days and weeks, we will be gathering more of our local producers and creating more choices for you.

COVID 19 - Safety
We will organise a contact-free shopping experience for the collection of orders by customers or delivery,

Dear Customers:
We will put an online collection every Tuesday and you will be able to shop and pay online from Tuesday until Sunday midnight, for Tuesday evening collection.
You can keep adding to your order throughout this time.

And don’t forget to order your pastries before 2 pm Wednesday! This is due to the very long production process.

Dear Supplier:
Your finalised orders will be emailed on to you every Sunday nights. You will have a pick and pack pdf file automatically sent to you. It will allow you to easily prepare the orders and then allocate them to the customer basket once in Pitlochry.

Thank you!


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