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Buddy Kombucha

Buddy Kombucha

65 High Street, Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6AH

Buddy Kombucha is handmade in small batches in Newburgh, Fife by Andy and Heike. Our kombucha is big on flavour. It is raw and unfiltered too, so has billions of beneficial microbes as well as the organic acids which all help our guts to regulate our immune system.

Buddy Kombucha comes in five varieties; hops, lemon & ginger, hibiscus & lime, humdrum (natural) and a seasonal wildcard.

We only use organic ingredients. Our kombucha comes in reusable glass bottles with metal screw top lids. Please rinse and return to your hub without caps. We can then sanitise, re-label and refill every clean bottle returned by Neighbourfood customers. It’s part of our commitment to plastic free production with minimal waste.

Who are we? Andy and Heike. We are your local fermentalists. Originally filmmakers (maybe you have heard of our film THE MOO MAN). During our research for our food films, we met many leading microbiologists and discovered how crucial it is to nourish our gut bacteria. We learned all about the wonders of fermented foods. We couldn't stop making our own and our kombucha was so popular we now offer it for sale. It’s still made by us and still very unique.


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