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She Fang Tea

She Fang Tea

2 Tom-Na-Moan Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5HN

Legendary loose-leaf Tea sourced & packed in Scotland under the mighty Ben Vrackie mountain.
For us, Tea is about TO BE, TO TRAVEL and TO EXPERIENCE.
To Be.... still and silent.
To Travel.... to taste the soil of many lands, the terroir, the devotion and care of other people.
To Experience... to experience the tea within your soul... a single cup can taste like an untamed wild sea, a meadow full of blossoms and herbs, a misty rocks, orchard full of fruit trees, forest after the rain or dingy expedition to your damp cellar....
All our teas are loose-leaf, natural and not blended.
We have launched our SHE FANG TEA online store in 2015 and since then we have been sourcing and hunting the best teas this World can offer. Submerge and dive in our cup of tea, as we like to do!
We are just a couple of wild animals in this vast Universe, but we are so proud, that we are able to work in absolute symbiosis as one soul on something we LOVE.
The core of She Fang TEA is not only our refined experiences but also our very hard to please fussy & choosy tongues & noses which have developed an incredible sensibility over the past 25 years of slurping, sipping & tasting.
So join us on the journey of perception, taste and memory.
Drink Tea... Be Free...


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