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Scrumptious Garden

Scrumptious Garden

Cart Shed Office Studio, Tombreck, Perthshire, PH15 2PB

Imagine if we could all buy fruit and veg, freshly picked, from market gardens on our own streets and run by our neighbours. How much better that food would taste than the tired stuff that is all that’s available from supermarkets. How much better for us and the planet it would be if, instead of being bred to survive transport over thousands of miles and weeks on the shelf, our food was bred for flavour and nutrition first. Scrumptious Garden is a social enterprise based on the shore of Loch Tay and we're making that happen.

We grow our produce for taste and nutrition first, focussing on soil and ecosystem health, because what's best for the plant and the environment is also best for us. And because we are a social enterprise, you know that all our profit is reinvested in making our great tasting healthy food accessible for all.


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