Scotland The Bread

Scotland The Bread

Bowhouse, St Monans, Anstruther, Fife, KY10 2DB

Scotland The Bread brings together plant breeders, farmers, millers, bakers, nutritionists and citizens with the common purpose of producing nutritious grain, milling it close to home and using it to make wholesome, slowly-fermented bread that everyone can enjoy.

Bread For Good Community Benefit Society was formed in April 2016 to bring the project into community ownership and increase the scale of its activities for the common good. Trading under the name ‘Scotland The Bread’, this innovative social business is setting a whole new agenda for cereal research and public health.

We are producing three varieties of heritage wheat flour (Rouge d’Ecosse, Golden Drop and Hunter’s) that have been tested and shown to have above-average mineral content. Every bag of flour that we sell comes with a summary of the mineral values for that variety on a label.

The flour has been milled for maximum nutrient retention on an innovative ‘cyclone’ mill called a Zentrofan. It’s a slow, small-scale process which reduces the grain to fine particles without either heating it up by excessive abrasion (as can happen with stone milling) or stripping it of its vital nutrients (which is the main effect of producing white flour on industrial roller mills).

Baking with heritage flour:

This flour is special. Apart from its superior nutritional profile, it has

- a full, satisfying flavour without the dry dustiness of some wholemeals

- gluten that is naturally softer, less stretchy and more extensible (and arguably more digestible) than in common breadmaking flours

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