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IQ Chocolate / Organic Cocoa Butter Peruvian
Organic Cocoa Butter Peruvian

IQ Chocolate - Organic Cocoa Butter Peruvian

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1 x 250g £5.99
2 x 250g £9.99
Chunks of pure cocoa butter, non-deodorised.
Melts easily into a pale yellow liquid.
Key ingredient in chocolate making.
Used in vegan dessert recipes.
Can also be used in home-made cosmetics. Used in soap, body butter, skin and hair treatments as well as lip balm. Highly prized for its moisturising properties, cocoa butter is the touch of something special in many recipes.

These blocks of pure cocoa butter are made from the cocoa butter that is extracted from the cocoa bean. The butter has a chocolatey-vanilla aroma that is very pleasant. Cocoa butter is the main ingredient in chocolate making, whether that be dark, milk or white chocolate.
These chunks can be broken down with a pestle and mortar or the back of a rolling pin. For quick melting you can grate the block or grind in a food processor. The butter should be gently melted over a bain marie and contact with any water avoided. Even the smallest droplet of water can cause a chocolate mixture to seize up and harden mid-mix!
Shelf Life: 3 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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