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IQ Chocolate

IQ Chocolate

iQ Chocolate Ltd, 1 Market Street, Stirling, FK8 1TU

Kate and Jane are the founders of iQ Chocolate. Never shy of a challenge, they set out to develop a truly unique Bean-To-Bar SuperFood chocolate; scouring the most remote corners of the planet to find the healthiest and tastiest raw ingredients. Working with academics, to back up the health claims, many long days and nights followed perfecting the recipe and process. 12 months later – eureka! Scotland's first bean to bar manufacturer, had finally cracked it- a delicious Bean-To-Bar chocolate, retaining the raw SuperFood nutrients and antioxidants, with a taste, texture and snap that delighted chocolate-officionados, and the health-conscious alike.
It even won some industry awards before its official launch! And continues to do so.

IQ Chocolate is now a range of organic, raw superfood chocolate bars, made in Stirling, from the bean. Free from all 14 allergens, including: nuts, dairy, gluten, and soya. IQ Chocolate is also low GI (suitable for diabetics type I and 2), with no refined cane sugar, vegan, and 100% natural.
IQ Chocolate is high in fibre, copper, phosphorus, manganese and a source of magnesium.

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