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Incheoch Farm / Popeseye Rump Steak
Popeseye Rump Steak

Incheoch Farm - Popeseye Rump Steak

Title Price
1 x 472g-498g £10.25
1 x 502g-546g £10.38
1 x 560g-580g £11.58
1 x 630g £13.00
1 x 708g £14.50
Grass fed Angus x Luing Beef. The popeseye steak is essentially a full face rump steak.
Cut from the rump, these steaks are lean and full of flavour and are great for frying, grilling or barbecuing.
Comes Frozen with 2 in a pack.
Shelf Life: 6 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free
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