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Hebridean Charcuterie / Wild And Free Salami
Wild And Free Salami

Hebridean Charcuterie - Wild And Free Salami

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1 x 90g £7.00
Many months went into perfecting our first salami product by trialling different meats and seasonings. In the end we chose this particular recipe, which has resulted in a full-bodied venison, goose and pork salami flavoured simply with garlic and crushed black pepper. The less is more approach allows this trio of meats to sing beautifully in harmony. Enjoy it thinly sliced as part of a charcuterie board or use it as an ingredient in your own signature dish. Packaged (sliced) in 90g recyclable cardboard sleeves which feature our ‘Norse King’ image, this salami is front and centre in the Hebridean Charcuterie range. The venison and goose comes from South Uist and the pork from a croft in Carloway, Isle of Lewis.
Shelf Life: 30 Days
Gluten Free Wheat Free
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