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Bill the Butcher / Willies Cacao Milk Of The Gods
Willies Cacao Milk Of The Gods

Bill the Butcher - Willies Cacao Milk Of The Gods

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1 x 50g £2.20
Had the Aztecs eaten milk chocolate, this is how Willie imagines they would have created it. Silky smooth with the exquisitely layered notes of the cacao dancing with the milk.

This is a delicious 44 milk chocolate, as ever, it comes down to beautiful ingredients and perfect balance. Cacao from the Hacienda San Augustine estate near the magical Rio Caribe, cacao butter from Barlovento, sugar cane from Guadeloupe and British milk. Nothing more, nothing less, simply sublime.

Willie makes all his chocolate from ‘bean to bar’, to capture the mind-blowingly different flavours of the world’s great,not only single origin but single estate cacaos . That is why this chocolate contains simply cacao, raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter- no vanilla or soya lecithin- 100% Natural and Pure artisan chocolate which is all made in small batches in the factory in Devon
Shelf Life: 3 Months

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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