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Traquair  House Brewery Ltd

Traquair House Brewery Ltd

Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, Scotland, EH446PW

Situated in the 300 year old wing of Scotland's Oldest Inhabited House, this was originally an eighteenth century domestic brewery rediscovered and brought back into production in 1965. A pioneer of micro brewing, we continue to use the original vessels and equipment and the ales are fermented in 200 year old fermenting tuns. The ales we produce are traditional Scottish ales; rich, malty, dark and strong. They have won many awards and over 60% of our production is exported to the US, Scandanavia and Europe. We produce around 250,000 bottles a year and a small amount of cask ale. These ales pair wonderfully with game, beef, strong cheese and chocolate and served at cellar temperature.


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