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Tagsa Uibhist

Tagsa Uibhist

Tagsa Uibhist, East Camp Community Enterprise Park, Balivanich, Isle of Benbecula, HS7 5LA

Our vision is to provide a safe and welcoming garden environment for our volunteer adults to grow fruit and vegetables, which are then made available to our island community for purchase, as well as the availability of plants, both horticultural (for our community growers) and non-horticultural plants (beddings, shrubs, and trees).

We also invite the on-site Food Bank to access our locally grown produce for distribution amongst their clients, and have offered our ongoing support, in the form of advice and provision of plants/materials, as required, to our out-reach growing projects, such as the (project-established) 8x community polycarbonate-tunnel growing schemes, and the islands’ 4x primary schools’ gardens and their respective gardening clubs and volunteer groups.

The garden site at Tagsa Uibhist is designed for project areas to work beside community allotment-holders, who have also contributed to the development of the overall vision for the future of the garden.


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