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Falkland Rural Enterprises Ltd

Falkland Rural Enterprises Ltd

5 The Stables, Falkland Estate, Falkland, Cupar, KY157AF

There has been a working farm on Falkland Estate for hundreds of years. Now fully organic, we are proud to continue that tradition in our idyllic setting in the shelter of the Lomond Hills.

Our activities centre around the production of organic beef, fed and finished predominantly from grass and concentrating mainly on the Aberdeen Angus breed but you will no doubt have spotted some Belted Galloway cows and calves in our fields. The ‘belties’ particularly lend themselves to spring calving and all year outdoor production.

We also have a large flock of Texel and Scottish Blackface sheep, also grass-fed. Working on the Estate is a privilege at the best of times but we can't deny that our favourite time of year is Spring, when the lambs start to appear in the fields!

To provide additional protein and supplements to the animals' grass based diet, we grow spring barley, spring oats, spring beans and winter barley - all organic of course! The surplus crop not required for the cattle is sold to produce organic breakfast cereals and energy bars, with the barley sold on to produce whiskey or beer.

In 2012, Falkland Rural Enterprises Ltd planted a new apple orchard, the first major orchard to be planted in the locale for over a century. The two acre orchard is made up of four different types of dessert apples - Discovery, Red Windsor, James Grieve and Rajka. These ripen at a range of different times during the season, meaning that there will be apples available from late August through to the middle of October.

We're always delighted to welcome visitors to the Estate - why not pop along and see for yourself where all our lovely produce is created?


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