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East Neuk Orchards

East Neuk Orchards

Gillingshill House, Pittenweem, Anstruther, Fife, KY10 2RX

Inspired by the remains of our rather ancient orchard, we planted a new one and East Neuk Orchards came into being. During the apple season our carefully selected tasty apples are grown and hand picked from our own and other orchards and gardens within Fife. They are traditionally hand pressed in small batches and the juice bottled and gently pasteurised. The apples are tracked from tree to bottle and we can tell you exactly where they came from on a bottle by bottle basis. Each batch is tasted and a hand written tasting note added to the back label.

We also blend our apple juice with delicious berries grown in the East Neuk of Fife and the range is expanding! In addition we produce a spiced Plum Compote which is traditionally hand made in small batches using beautiful plums picked from our own orchard.

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