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Woodmill Game / Venison Haunch (Bone-In) Red
Venison Haunch (Bone-In) Red

Woodmill Game - Venison Haunch (Bone-In) Red

Title Price
1 x 3kg £56.00
min. 3kg | feeds 8-10

Bone-in haunches are skilfully butchered to maintain the original structure, making it a stunning piece of meat that can feed a larger number of people. Because the bone is more dense in than the meat, a bone-in haunch allows the centre cooks slower than the rest, creating a more tender texture towards the centre of the haunch.

Suitable for freezing
Shelf Life: 6 Days
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free
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Version: 20220521.4
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Process Id: 5384