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Wild Hearth Bakery / Vegan Seasonal Danish
Vegan Seasonal Danish

Wild Hearth Bakery - Vegan Seasonal Danish

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1 x 0g £3.60
A naturally-leavened vegan pastry dough filled with pastry cream (vanilla/lemon or chocolate), seasonal fruit (currently blueberry) and topped with almonds &/or a streusel crumble.
The Danish will be topped with either with flaked almonds (as opposed to &/or as well as streusel) so that they're easily distinguishable from the non-vegan ones

Ingredients: organic white wheat flour, water, fresh fruit, sugar, Naturli vegan block, oat milk, salt, Seasonal fruit, cornflour, ground almonds
Naturli Vegan Block ingredients: Organic Shea oil (43%), water, organic coconut oil (21%), organic rapeseed oil (11%), salt, organic ALMOND BUTTER* (1%), emulsifier * (lecithin), organic carrot juice, organic lemon juice, soy*, natural flavour. May contain traces of: Hazelnut, cashew nut and pistachio nut.
Allergens:Wheat, Almond Butter and the Naturli ingredients that are asterisked.(emulsifier, soy, nuts)
Shelf Life: 2 Days
Vegetarian Vegan
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