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Kimbers Farm Shop / Kimbers' Unpasteurised Milk 1L
Kimbers' Unpasteurised Milk 1L

Kimbers Farm Shop - Kimbers' Unpasteurised Milk 1L

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1 x 1l £1.70
Gold Taste of the West 2015. Straight from our own Shorthorn and Friesian cows, this raw, unhomogenised milk is full cream and packed full of goodness.

Unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk is well known for its natural properties - studies have shown that there are potential health benefits to asthma and eczema sufferers. An enzyme which aids with the digestion of milk is killed during the pasteurising process; with this enzyme present in our milk we have several lactose intolerant customers who solely drink our milk.

Our milk comes from the cow, chilled then bottled for you. With so many highly processed foods, this natural product is a must try - once you've tried processed, milk will never taste the same again!
Shelf Life: 4 Days
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