Bill the Butcher / Butcombe Goram 1 50 C L
Butcombe Goram 1 50 C L

Bill the Butcher - Butcombe Goram 1 50 C L

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1 x 500ml £2.55
Butcombe Goram.

Named after Bristol’s very own giant who was partial to a well-crafted ale, this Avon IPA uses a blend of American and Worcester hops to achieve the perfect balance between stone fruit, citrus and spicy hop aromas with bitter notes. A strong, full-flavoured beer with the ABV of a classic session ale, Goram towers above other lesser IPAs.

Goram is huge on flavour, so it’s happiest when in the company of vintage Cheddar, spicy pickles, rich chutneys or a classic slow-roasted pork belly.
Shelf Life: 28 Days
Dairy Free Nut Free Vegetarian
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