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Uddingston, Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow, G71 7UL

Wheatberry is an artisan bakery and patisserie that draws inspiration from French techniques. We have a deep love for laminated doughs and everything sourdough!
Our ethos is being a local bakery in every sense of the word, and our selling strategy is delivering bread and pastries to our neighbourhood as well as featuring at local cafes.
We put a lot of care in the making and preparing of our bread and pastries. Our hand-crafted bread goes through a long fermentation which allows for the dough to develop a full flavour and, using local Scottish flour in this process, allows for its quality to be fully celebrated and appreciated. Our business is an active supporter of the Real Bread Campaign that perfectly describes real bread: “Real Bread has nothing to hide. It is made with simple, natural ingredients and NO artificial additives”. Wheatberry bread is exactly this; local Scottish flour, salt, water – nothing to hide.


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