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The Roundhouse Community Kitchen

The Roundhouse Community Kitchen

The Roundhouse, Lothian Crescent, Whitfield, Dundee, DD4 9HU

The Roundhouse Community Kitchen is a project of Signpost International SCIO, a charity based in Whitfield. Since March 2021, our kitchen has been making meals for distribution to Dundee Foodbank and to some food larders here in the North East. We gather in would-be food waste from local businesses like supermarkets, greengrocers, farm shops and also other food projects if they have something they can't use. This food becomes the ingredients for our meals, which we package up, label and freeze, ready to be reheated for your dinner.

The cooking here is mainly done by volunteers; people of varied ages, experiences and motivations, but all with kind hearts. Most of our food is vegetarian or vegan - because most of the food we receive is fruit, veg and grains - it's always homecooked and tasty! We cook in big batches, making a lot of soups, curries, stews and chillis. The exact ingredients change every time in response to the surplus food we receive.

By buying from us, and eating the very same food that we give to food insecurity projects, you'll help support us to close the loop between food waste and food insecurity here in Dundee. Our meals are packaged in plastic containers, which we welcome back for reuse. Please clean them out; they'll also go through our commercial dishwasher before being used again. In time, we may offer a deposit-return system on containers. Let us know if you're interested in this.

Find out more about what we do on Facebook and Instagram @roundhousekitchen. Thanks for your support ♥


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