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The Lost Tea Company

The Lost Tea Company

Sunley Hill Cottage, Muscoates Lane, Nunnington, York, North Yorkshire, YO62 5XQ

We’re a Burmese tea company based in Yorkshire & locally in Myanmar who not only offer a range of high quality deliciously smooth loose leaf teas, but also the unique edible fermented tea leaves that create the base of Lahpet Thoke, Myanmar’s national dish. All of our tea is ethically sourced from smallholder farmers based in the beautiful Shan State.

Myanmar’s edible fermented tea, known locally as lahpet, has been enjoyed across the country for centuries. Lahpet is the essential ingredient in the iconic national dish Lahpet Thoke, a tea leaf salad. These famous tea leaves have been fermented for 3 months to produce a unique taste with a strong umami flavour. Bursting with antioxidants Lahpet is a healthy and tasty addition to a range of dishes, and can happily be eaten on it’s own as a snack.

Our premium organic loose leaf drinking teas are all handpicked by smallholder farmers in Shan State, Myanmar.


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