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The Kedar Cheese Company

The Kedar Cheese Company

Beyond the Burn, Mouswald, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway, DG1 4LX

We are a small family farming business based near Dumfries in the South West of Scotland. We have a herd of award winning organic cows. there are around 140 milking cows and they are all known by name and they produce fantastic milk which is high in protein. With the organic pasture grazing system we employ and with the gentle pasteurising the milk has a unique and rich flavour.
The milk is in 1 litre plastic bottles and is non-homogenised. this means that the cream floats to the top and because it is pasteurised at a lower temperature it is great for making cheese , yogurt and kefir.
We also make mozzarella cheese, fresh and smoked.
The fresh mozzarella is a 100 gram ball and is stored in water.
The smoked mozzarella is much firmer and is also 100 gram and is wrapped in cheese paper.
All processing is carried out on our farm and no additives or preservatives are used.
The milk processing and cheese making is done by Gavin and Jane while son Jonny looks after the cows


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