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The Hub G63 (Coffee Politik CIC)

The Hub G63 (Coffee Politik CIC)

15 Main Street, Drymen, G63 0BQ

The Hub G63 is a social enterprise based in Drymen. We are a Food & Sustainability hub exisiting to promote issues surrounding sustainability (local to global) with a focus of on food, as well as to provide access to an affordable, low-impact lifestyle.
Hosting a NeighbourFood Market means we can provide a route to market for small, local producers and localise the food system.

In terms of being a food producer here on Neighbourfood this means we are offering plastic-free shopping. We are working towards zero-waste food i.e. bring-your-own-container and we will fill it up (there are several food hygiene hoops to jump through first). This minimises wasteful packaging as well as food waste.

Whilst we are not growing the wholefood products ourselves we believe in localised, ethical and transparent food chains (and systems as a whole); you can be sure that any item we sell is ethically sourced - it is fair-trade and cruelty-free.
So whatever you are cooking up with the scrummy ingredients you are filling your Neighbourfood basket with, you can now buy the rice and pasta to complete the meal!


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