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Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Knight farm, Main road, Haunton, Tamworth, B79 9HL

A small holding transitioning to a small farm.

For the past 5 years we have been producing vegetables and fresh herbs using aquaponics, as well as eggs from a flock of free range laying hens. 2018 marked the first year of raising pigs in a small woodland to produce our own sausages.

2018 has led to the expansion onto our own land finally, which continues in our mission to produce and supply direct to our local area and be a part of changing the machine that is modern agriculture, to one that works with nature not against it. Sustainability and animal welfare is key for the future of farming and is at the core of our practices;

For our hens this includes growing our own supplemental feeds with the aims to eventually grow everything they need on site, giving them constant access to the outdoors so they can come and go as they please from outside, giving them far more space than is required and incorporating proper range rotation, allowing much more varied ranges with much more variety of vegetation than the standard grassland most farms use and finally keeping our hens in a far smaller groups than the standard 10-30 thousand a shed that larger farms pack together.

For our outdoor veggies this means proper rest periods between crops allowing the nutrient levels to naturally recover after the soil microbes have done some recycling of added manure in the beds, smaller grow beds and more variety to reduce pest pressure.

For our indoor leafy veg and herbs we broke the mould of standard hydroponic leafy greens growing and create our own organic nutrient using a biodigester in combination with fish living in the water tank that supplies the hydroponic system which feeds the plants, no more fossil fuel produced fertilizers just the natural recycling of nutrients from the farm.

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