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Delicious food that is easy to make. Great for working from home lunches!

We produce and sell the Stewp Mix - a mix that has a wonderful stock, herb and spice mix with various lentils, split peas & rice.

There are four flavours to choose - a taste of North Africa, India, Mexico or Spain.

Why do our customers love our Stewps?
- Quick & easy to prepare
- Tasty, energising & nutritious
- Easy to customise
- For vegans or meat lovers
- Made from a mix you can use anytime and take anywhere

Just add 3 basic vegan ingredients to the vegan Stewp mix in 3 simple steps, then simmer for 50-60 minutes. Meat is optional so the Stewp mix is great for vegans and meat lovers!

“They are so easy to make and really delicious I’m obsessed!” - Rosin, London
“Perfect for nights when you want something delicious, nutritious and super easy” - Brigette, Edinburgh
“They are all so easy, tasty, and so versatile for veggie or meat based meals, All our family have tried these meals, and all loved them!” - Mieke, York
"They're also customisable" - Miriam, Berlin, Germany


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