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Small Food Bakery

Small Food Bakery

33 Seely Road, Nottingham, NG7 1NU

Small Food is an artisan bakery, based within Primary Studios in Nottingham and sells beautiful hand made sourdough loaves, pizza, crisp breads, cakes and naturally leavened pastries. The bakery also serves drinks and has seating so you can enjoy your baked goods while you watch the bakers at work.

Occupying the kitchen of a former inner city primary school, the team at Small Food Bakery work to build short food chains, buying directly from farmers, making everything from scratch and selling directly to customers from our production kitchen.

All of our bread and pastries are naturally leavened and slowly fermented for up to 30 hours to allow naturally occurring yeast and beneficial bacteria to develop in the dough before baking. This slow, old fashioned way of breadmaking increases the nutrition and the flavour extracted from the grain and makes delicious bread. All of our breads are made without the use of any artificial additives and contain less than 1% salt.

Our objective is to prove that small, human scale food manufacturing business’s and direct trade will enable transition to a better kind of food economy; a resilient one that is devolved to the hands of more people, fairly valuing the contribution both of people and natural resources in the chain and celebrating diversity and flavour.

Winners of the 2018 Radio 4 Food and Farming awards for best food producer.


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