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2 Spring Street, Derby, DE22 3UF

At Mycosia we are fanatical about fungi and are all about connecting you with the wonderful world of mushrooms.

We grow and provide some of the tastiest gourmet mushrooms in the heart of Derby, many of which are also functional. Functional mushrooms have nutritional properties that are said to aid our bodies in staying healthy and even healing from various ailments. Cultivating mushrooms can be tricky, but we are passionate about helping people to grow their own. For people who want to, we also provide pre-prepared mushroom grow kits for you to fruit at home. For hobbyists, enthusiasts, and advanced cultivators we provide other growing supplies on our website.

As well as providing gourmet mushrooms and cultivation supplies, we also offer foraging and cultivation workshops for people who want to connect with nature and mushrooms on a deeper and more personal level. We hope to inspire you to engage with mushrooms in a way that enriches your life and spreads connections, like mycelium running through the earth.


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