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Mossgiel Organic Farm

Mossgiel Organic Farm

West Mossgiel Farm, Tarbolton Road, Mauchline, KA5 5LL

Mossgiel Organic Farm is a new way to do dairy.
We pride ourselves on our unique approach to nature's original superfood. Working ONLY with Organic farms, we offer craft brewed milk from happy cows eating a diet rich in the most abundant plant in Scotland... grass.
Mossgiel Organic milk is 'brewed' and 'non-homogenised' - a method of working with milk to ensure that it is pasteurised for safety, but retains all the goodness and flavour of natural milk with a 'cream-top' when the milk settles.
We also offer 'Mossgiel Gold' - Scotland's only 100% Pasture Fed milk, from cows who keep their calves and their horns.

Our dedicated team of 18 peeps work around the clock to ensure Mossgiel Milk remains as natural, ethical and environmentally sound as possible - no Mossgiel Milk has left our farm in single-use plastic since January 2019 and we use only reusable packaging like glass bottles and vending machines to ensure this remains the case.


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