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Kath's Cake

Kath's Cake

3 Blackthorn Place, Blairgowrie, BLAIRGOWRIE, BLAIRGOWRIE, PH10 6FH

Welcome to 'Kath's Cake' based from my home in beautiful Blairgowrie. In late 2019 I started supplying cakes and bakes to a local tea room/visitor centre which have received amazing reviews.

Just as things were progressing everything came to a halt at the start of 'lockdown' however, I put myself to good use by spending many weekends raising funds from a home cake stall. It was an unbelievable success raising almost £3k which has been donated in various ways to local care workers in Blairgowrie nursing homes and Ninewell's Intensive Care Unit front line workers.

With its success it made me realise there is a real desire for honest baking and traditional treats! I continue to bake for the local tea room however, due to personal requests I have also continued to supply the local community as well as regular visitors to the area.

I recently started to produce a range of cheesecakes which are unbelievably popular! Whilst I don't specialise in celebration cakes and decorating I do a range of tasty favourites which through NeighbourFood you are able to buy as individual slices.
I also have a range of bakes catering for different dietary needs, gluten free, dairy free and vegan options which you will find listed on the market site. Any allergens are always stated in bold, please contact me if you require any further information.


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