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Grown Up Foods Ltd trading as Slange Var

Grown Up Foods Ltd trading as Slange Var

48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP

What is Slange Var?

Slange Var is Gaelic for ‘Cheers, to your health’. Our product is an award-winning, zesty alcohol-free drink made from fresh lime juice, ginger, cider vinegar, a hint of Scottish honey and water.

Who buys it?

Slange Var is purchased by people who want a non-alcoholic, low calorie drink with pure, natural ingredients with no artificial colourings or additives.

How do people use it?

Slange Var is a very versatile product. Here are the more popular uses:

• Neat, as a non-alcoholic drink that’s packed with zesty flavours.
• Mixed with sparkling water, as a healthy and refreshing drink on a hot day or after exercise.
• As a mixer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.
• As a cooking ingredient for sauces and sorbets.

What is its shelf life?

Slange Var has been rigorously tested by Campden BRI, a leading research centre for the drinks industry. Over a period of 9 months samples of Slange Var were tested for taste and composition. The product scored top points over all criteria: appearance; odour; flavour; texture.

Who makes it?

Slange Var is the brainchild of Sarah and her husband, Charles. When Sarah wanted an alternative to wine to accompany the delicious meals prepared by Charles, she was frustrated by the number of sugary, fattening drinks on the market.
She experimented with different ingredients and created a wonderful blend that was tested at Mindful Drinking events throughout the country with excellent feedback.

What is its provenance?

Modern consumers are no longer satisfied with a pretty label and attractive price. They are driven by new ideas, such as sustainability, ethics, the circular economy and quality of ingredients. That’s why we’re registered with nuUnlimited who are creating a Smart phone app that will provide our customers with detailed evidence of our quality control processes, ingredients, recipes and environmental projects.

The honey in Slange Var has been officially designated as a superfood as it contains 10 times more of the essential micronutrient, manganese, compared to 200 of its global rivals.

International Award

In 2020 Slange Var won the Consumers’ Choice Medal as a mixer at the International Spirits Competition in Irvine, California. This is the only blind tasting competition that enlists consumers as judges.

What do others say about it?

“Addictive”Sarah Hughes, The Observer
“Slange Var is a thoroughly enjoyable drink that won’t leave you feeling left out at the party. The slim bottle will slip perfectly
in your bag when you need to take your own. With its element of sophistication, you certainly won’t be feeling self-conscious about not having an alcoholic drink in your hand.”
Gayle, Sober Bliss 2019

Environmental Projects

Slange Var is involved in seed planting campaigns with the environmental charities, Tree Sisters and Trees for Life. The seeds will revive certain pollinator species such as bees, butterflies and birds that are in decline due to climate change, farming methods and pesticides. We are also working with the Eco Diversity Team at Glasgow Council who are using our seeds to plant meadows in the City. Customers will receive updates on the progress of our seed planting via our website, Smart Phone app and social media.


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