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Growers Garden Ltd

Growers Garden Ltd

Prestonhall Industrial Estate, Cupar, Fife, KY15 4RD

Growers Garden is a start-up innovative business with a small team. Our roots lie in a desire to sustainably farm and reduce food waste, doing so by using the out-grade broccoli from our farms to produce our crisps.

FRESH broccoli, never powdered, is the #1 ingredient within our crisps which are made using 100% natural ingredients. Our FRESH broccoli crisps appeal to many with dietary needs as they are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

We currently offer 4 flavours in two different bag sizes (22g and 78g); Naked, Sour Cream & Chive, Chili and Cheese.

Our crisps are also low in saturated fats, low in salt and are a source of fibre. A healthy snack alternative that both children and adults will enjoy!


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