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Fat Hen Farm

Fat Hen Farm

1, Millhall Cottage, Stirling, FK77LT

Fat Hen Farm is a small but mighty urban salad growing business, located in Stirling. Fat Hen provides fresh, super locally grown salad mixes - tended with care, harvested by hand, and delivered by bicycle.

Fat Hen salads are produced without sprays or chemicals - instead using compost to nourish the soil, minimal tilling to preserve soil structure, and biointensive spacing to shade out the weeds. The salad mix contains a seasonal mix of lettuce leaves and baby greens - chosen for their good looks, yummy taste, and ability to stand up to a variety of Scottish weather!

Ashley Robinson is the urban farmer at Fat Hen - she has been working in the local food scene in Stirling since moving to Scotland in 2014, and has always wanted to produce food for people. She strongly believes that our food should be produced in a way that nourishes people, communities, and the planet. Although tiny, Fat Hen Farm aims to show another way of doing things - food produced close to where people live, production and transport that has sustainability at the core, and a business that is ‘small scale’ in every sense of the word.


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