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F & A Younger

F & A Younger

Gargunnock, Stirling, FK8 3BN

Nestled under the Gargunnock Hills, surrounded by lush grass and age old trees, Old Leckie has been farmed by our family for over 100 years. A small family farm we are proud to care sustainably for our animals, and our environment, so that we can offer you the very best in fresh, local produce.

At Old Leckie we value the quality of our grass pastures, maximising the use of natural fertilisers and rotating our cattle onto the best, freshest grass. Our slow growing grass fed Highland beef has a superior depth of flavour, is high in Omega 3 and is also healthier on the environment too. The quality of what our animals eat enhances the taste of their meat, as does the expert butchery of our local butcher, Skinners of Kippen.

Our Highlanders are born and reared on the species rich grass on the west coast Island of Mull and Ormsary peninsular before being finished on the rich grass of Old Leckie. From farm to fork you know exactly where your meat has come from.


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