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Darley Abbey Cider

Darley Abbey Cider

2 Folly Road, Darley Abbey, Derby, DE22 1ED

We set up Darley Abbey Cider in March 2016 to realise a dream of making great-tasting artisan cider using locally grown apples. We're a family business and unlike most other cider producers we don’t own a single tree. All the apples used to make our cider are donated from gardens, allotments and orchards across Derbyshire. It’s not a new concept, but all our contributors are given cider back in return in the spring once we bottle, depending on how many apples they contribute in the autumn.

Most, if not all, of the apples we press would have been thrown away so we have converted a potential waste product into something we can all enjoy. We also donate the apple pulp from our pressing process to local pig owners and farmers turning another potential waste product into something of value.

Because our apples come from across Derbyshire, our cider contains over 40 varieties of apples. Some of the apples we use are very old local varieties and most would never make their way into a supermarket. However, using whatever nature throws at us helps create a unique flavour that we believe makes our cider stand out from the crowd .

What we love about our cider is that each year’s vintage is unique, reflecting the terroir, summer and combination of apple varieties used in that year. But while the taste may change from year to year, our artisan approach and ethos remain the same.


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