Crystal Springs Farm, Brailsford, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE63BG

CRYSTAL SPRINGS FARM is a traditional family farm where I have lived for fifty years.

British breeds of livestock are kept as their meat has superior taste and flavour and they are more suited to natural outdoor farming methods. The Aberdeen Angus cattle and Poll Dorset sheep are born on and spend their whole lives on the farm grazing for most of the year on diverse natural pastures giving them the healthy diet nature intended. I transport the animals to a local abattoir where they are humanely killed before being traditionally matured and butchered. After vacuum packing and deep freezing the meat is delivered to the farm ready for you to enjoy.

The farm is managed Organically so no artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used. Wildlife habitats are protected and enhanced across the farm.

We aim to produce safe, healthy and affordable beef and lamb while caring for our animals and regenerating the environment.


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