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Cinderhill Farm

Cinderhill Farm

Lower Cinderhill, Mork Road, Saint Briavels, Lydney, GL15 6QF

Cinderhill Farm is an eco-friendly and ethically run business based in the Forest of Dean making outstanding savoury pastries. Using 100% renewable energy, our own and local farms’ and forest produce, we make handmade sausage rolls and foggies (a local speciality pasty) for vegans, vegetarians, and committed carnivores each year.

In everything we do we are committed to supporting the people, environment, and community on which our business is based.

Helen recently joined Cinderhill Farm as Head of Advancement, looking to challenge the business in manufacturing methods, infrastructure and sales opportunities. An original and continued weekly customer of the Derby Neighbourfood Market, Helen is looking forward to bringing bring the taste of Cinderhill Farm to Derby.

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