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Au Gourmand Boulangerie

Au Gourmand Boulangerie

20 Tennant Street, EDINBURGH, EH6 5ND

An artisan French bakery, Au Gourmand has been making bread, pastries and croissants since 2000. They now have a range of more than 20 breads, all slowly fermented and relying solely on the fundamental building blocks of good bread: flour, water, salt and natural leaven. The bakery is not open to the public but supplies a long list of Edinburgh delis, restaurants and shops. You can also buy in person from Stockbridge Market on a Sunday and Leith and Grassmarket markets every Saturday.
We are very exited to join neighbourfood and offer you the chance to buy our lovely bread.

Products Informations: All our products are made fresh overnight. All tartlets should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days. Bread and pastries can be kept in bags, they should be consumed within 3 days, but would advise to reheat a bit in the oven to refresh them. Breads and pastries can be put in the freezer. Carefully pack pastries to keep them in the freezer as the puff pastry is quite fragile and can be flaky.
Allergens: All products contain or may contain gluten, All products contain or may contain nuts.


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