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Auchterarder Market

Collection on Friday (16:00 to 18:00)
(Just off the A823. 1 mile West of Gleneagles) Muiredge, Tullibardine, Auchterarder

Our online market is currently closed. Our next online market will open shortly.
Angus Peter Roberts
Market Host
Muiredge NeighbourFood
Welcome everyone to the brand new NeighbourFood Auchterarder market!

The market collection will be hosted every Friday afternoon at Muiredge. (Just off the A823. 1 mile West of Gleneagles)

We look forward to welcoming you there. We think Neighbourfood is a great way to bring fresh products from local producers to the community every week. We love the ethos behind it, supporting and giving a platform to local farmers and artisan producers, like ourselves and many others in the area. It's a way to conveniently connect with this produce every week and connect with each other in the process too. We are excited to do this as a community project that will benefit the town and hope that you will join us!

A bit about Neighbourfood;

Neighbourfood is a different way to do your weekly shopping! It is an online weekly farmers' market which brings together a network of local farmers' and artisan food producers. You can support local farmers and producers on a weekly basis through a safe and contactless 'Click & Collect' contactless shopping experience.

Every week you'll find great products direct from local farms and food producers, local market traders and specialist suppliers, from locally grown seasonal and freshly harvested vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, preserves and chutneys, breads and much more. We promise there will be a core product selection with weekly and seasonal options to keep things interesting.

How will work:

1. Our online market will open on a Saturday for you to browse through and select from the fresh produce and artisan foods on offer from local producers.

2. The online market will stay open until midnight every Wednesday, giving you 5 days to prepare your weekly food shop.

3. When the market closes, the orders are sent to our producers to give them time to get your orders ready.

4. Collection day will be a Friday from 4pm-6pm. Producers drop off all their orders to us, where we sort them ready for collection. During this period of Covid-19, we ask that you bring your own bags to pack your orders into, that way reducing cross-contact.

5. Collection point is Muiredge. (Just off the A823. 1 mile West of Gleneagles)

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